Domain Names and Internet Marketing

What is a domain name?

Wikipedia tells us: "An Internet domain name is an identification network related to a group of devices or computers linked to the Internet network", and you'll say, this sounds to me like Chinese. Well, to make you know it better, I'm going to use a simile which will be very illustrative.

Imagine the domain is the home in which you live as a renter, in reality it's as if it had been yours because it's full of your laundry, your own adornments, your utensils, your memories... but because you reside inside you have to pay a lease to its owner who in turn takes care of different things such as paying the neighborhood charge. In addition, your house is located in a speech and also to identify it's sometimes, and a few also a letter.

The domain is the same. We determine what name to give it, which would be the home number. Secondly we choose the host where it will be hosted by us, which would be the owner of the home. We are assigned a DNS, which would be the home address by this machine. We pay a fee to the host, which are the house's lease. The machine takes care of the house's owner, in addition to the security of our information pays the neighborhood charge. And finally, we decided what to include in our domain: a blog, a corporate website, images, etc., which would do the purpose of the adornments, utensils or clothes we mentioned earlier. We see it clearly in this case:

Another aspect to keep in mind is that every time you register a domain name you need to contain data that will later appear in WHOIS openly, your name, postal address, email and telephone. This is a requirement established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and can be found here. If you wish to know how your data is displayed and have a website or you're simply interested, you can consult with your WHOIS here.

If you don't want your data to be visible to everybody if you're a private person and use your house address, there's the prospect of concealing this information. To hide it consult the business in which you have registered your domainname, if they don't have this support you can search for different options. Remember that the book of info is prohibited and its non-compliance may cause the cancellation of your domain.

Which domain do I choose for my site?

This is another of the doubts which arise when individuals opt to begin an internet business, on the flip side, and on the 1 hand we have difficulty deciding which name to choose. com,. es,. Internet, etc.. .

In Terms of the title, my recommendations will be as follows:

Make it Simple to type

That it is not long

Make it Effortless to remember

Can I include the key word? It can help you but I advise you to use it only if you don't put it before the points. Nowadays there are lots of elements that we have to work to make our site positioned, so it's much better to highlight them than to utilize a domain name that's difficult to remember or complicated to write.

Regarding the type of domainname, It's a Good Idea to take into Consideration the following factors:

Termination. Com is used worldwide and is easy to remember. It's definitely the best choice.

If your website Will be focused on one nation, enroll the territorial domain:

Spain -. es | France -. fr | Italy -. it | Germany -. P

You may even enroll if it is a non-profit company. Org, for example Wikipedia. org.

Register as many domains as possible, so you purchase them before you do and don't risk competition.

What's web or hosting hosting?

In accordance with Wikipedia "is the service that provides Internet users a system to store data, pictures, video, or any content accessible via the web.

Continuing with the comparison when the domain name does house functions, hosting could perform the town function. In it we can drive with the car, but we cover a flow tax, we could throw the garbage away, but we pay a fee for the collection of trash, we could go to the municipal sports centre, but we pay an annual charge, etc.. .

Something occurs, inside we can host to a database from a web page, but therefore we have to pay an annual fee if we hire a service. The amount will vary based on the type of accommodation, i. e. the professional services provided.

What kind of hosting do I select for my online business?

Shared server:

It is the ideal option if you're just beginning, since it's the least expensive and you have time to seek the services of a superior option when your online business begins getting more hits. As its name suggests, the server is shared with more customers.

Dedicated server:

In this event precisely the customer, which is why their cost is higher, but also their functionality uss all server resources. By way of example, it has the added bonus that you become speed and can adapt it to your requirements.

Cloud Computing:

This option employs. Its main advantage is its scalability, you pay for what you use, therefore you return to normal and cover more if during a period of time you require more funds.

How can I contract domain and web hosting?

When you have chosen the domain name and extension, in addition to the type of hosting you would like to hire, begin searching for the company which best suits your requirements. Not only look at the purchase price, but think about the services offered and the support available.

I will tell you that I am using SHOPIFY equally for my job and for those I have in advance, and the truth is that I'm very content. They have good and quick service, the interface is quite intuitive and I haven't had any problems with the page though I use the cheapest version of the server. If if you do so through the link below you, you're encouraged to contract it receive a discount.

So far today's article, I'm awaiting you in the comments area where I would like you to share doubts, your own experience or suggestions about domain registration and hosting hiring.

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